PFT Stories – St Brendan’s

The Paul Finnimore Trust has generously supported one of the students in my school for two years now.  The support that this funding has provided is unable to be expressed adequately in words.  The little boy who is supported through this fund has experienced so much trauma, in his young life, it doesn’t seem fair.  The progress that he has made is truly miraculous and couldn’t possibly have occurred without the generosity of the funding from the Paul Finnimore Trust.  

Our student is now confident, beginning to engage with age appropriate curriculum, in most areas and has made significant improvement with his fine and gross motor skills.  Although there is still room for improvement I am confident that continued support from the Paul Finnimore Trust will continue to support our student to reach his fullest potential which was what Paul himself dreamed for all students.  

Thank you to the Trust for their unwavering and unconditional support.  


 – Nicole Cole 

          Principal, St Brendan’s School, Moorooka

           November 2014